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Five Ways to be Well

The last way to be well is to identify meaning and purpose also known as….spirituality.

I would like to stress that I am not writing about a religious practice or religion! I repeat I am not writing about RELIGION!!!

Now back to the final way to be well. Creating meaning and purpose in our lives allows us to get outside of ourselves. It allows us to connect to something greater than ourselves. So often we have internal disharmony due to the feeling that our lives have little meaning and we have not identified our purpose.

Once we have begun connecting with and working through how our past impacts our present, developing healthy boundaries, identifying, and communicating our needs and paying attention to our internal world, it is now time to ask how I connect to my spiritual existence.

Uncovering Purpose

We are all connected to something bigger than us, that makes clear our purpose. Purpose gives us meaning. By eliminating all the things, we are not we can illuminate all that we are. Purpose is the thing that calls to us while we are doing other things. Purpose is the thing that honors our soul. It does not have to be recognized by the masses or broadcast on social media. Our purpose may be to tune in to us, to rest, to honor our authentic self, to spend time in nature, to spend time with others, to be a pet parent. It could be so many things, things that call to us, but we are afraid to answer.

We Are Meaning

We have meaning because we are here. We are here because we are a part of the fabric of the current time. We are uniquely connected to every natural thing that exists. Some of us know our purpose very early but receive messages about who we need to be, and it silences what we know. However, we can find our way back to our purpose by checking into our internal world.

All is Well

Working through the first four ways to be well can help us open to our meaning and purpose. There is more than one way to identify meaning and purpose. There are many spiritual practices that can lead to enlightenment, books, podcasts, blogs, websites, groups, coaches and as always reach out to a skilled, licensed trained professional.

Thank you for reading and interacting with this blog series. BE WELL!

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