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The Journey to Wholeness Starts Now

 We learn how to see, value and trust ourselves and others based on how our caregivers saw, valued and were honest with us. When that relationship has been broken in any way, we develop an attachment wound. This break could have come in many forms, neglect, abuse, emotional and physical absence or inconsistent nurturing. As adults we act out our wounds in our daily lives. This leads to an inability or difficulty maintaining healthy, connected and valuable relationships with ourselves and others. The impact of this is depression, anxiety, personality issues, trauma responses, self-value concerns and trouble creating and maintaining healthy relationships and boundaries. So I invite you to start where you are, with what you have, the present is the only time you have the ability to enact change.

Forest Road
About Get Centered Wellness

My name is Donna Lang and I am a Licensed Professional  Clinical Counselor and a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor working in the fields of addiction and mental health since 2009.

Helping people on their journey to wholeness is my calling. Get Centered Wellness was started as the answer to that call. Racial trauma, abuse, neglect, grief, depression, anxiety, attachment and relationship issues are all emotional and physical manifestations of internal disharmony.  Healing requires the body, mind and spirit in harmony. Often times there is discord in these areas causing disruption in our relationships with self and others. There is no color, gender, status or label that bars us from dis-ease. I offer my support, service and guidance as you overcome the barriers to your overall wellness. 

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