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I am often asked, why I chose to become a counselor. The truth is I did not choose this path, it chose me. I always thought I would become a teacher. I loved the idea of learning something useful and sharing that with others. I did not know I would be given the opportunity to help people realize where they are now is not where they are destined to stay. There is a way out, but you must go through to get there. Healing is a process. You did not get here overnight, and you will not heal overnight. But know that you can heal.

I believe in a holistic approach to counseling. That means healing the whole person and not just the parts.  I will assist you in the work of becoming unstuck. Because often we are in the middle of our dis-ease before we recognize we are there. I offer an eclectic set of counseling modalities from cognitive(mind), to emotive(emotions/feelings), to somatic(body). Because all parts of us are affected when our mental health is affected. I also offer EMDR therapy.

I work with individuals, couples and families dealing with single incident and complex trauma, struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety, relational and work-related stress including compassion fatigue, grief and life transitions. I work with diverse populations to include LGBTQ and older adults.

I have a license in Professional Counseling and an Independent License in Chemical Dependency Counseling. I have worked in community mental health, in public health, state government and private practice.

 I look forward to assisting you in doing your work.

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